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Why Architects Deserve More Pay from Clients

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Sunday, 07 June 2015 00:00
Receiving the pay an architect deserve has always been a problem in the construction industry, architects complain about being underpaid and there is a rare case of an architect being overpaid. But the truth is no matter how much an architect is offered for his services, you still can not pay him enough as a client. This has left many clients arguing the reason why architects are supposed to be overly paid as most clients rarely sees the optimum values that lies in each piece of architecture produced and how the role played by an architect can grossly determine the success or failure of any building project.
In today's post, i will be talking about why architects deserve more pay from the clients.
Why Architects deserve more pay.
1. Architects spend more time in school and outside school before becoming a licensed architect.
 Architecture is surely not a profession for the weak, it is for the strong hearted because of the training and the discipline involved. Architects spend 6-7 years in school and more than a year before becoming a licensed architect. Unlike other professions where spending more time at school is equivalent to more pay, architecture suffers in equating time with money. Architects are trained in school to work long hours to get their designs compiled and completed. The projects required from them to do in school are enormous and this is also the same when preparing for professional license. They spend more time fine-tuning ideas and putting stuffs together to make a whole, even with the technological advancement in the field, they still need to do more to get the best designs.  
 Logically, more time spent at school and when practicing should equate to more pay. Therefore, it is a well deserve reward when architects are duly paid for their services.
2.   Architects deserve more pay because of much time, efforts and resources invested in every projects.
  Architects do not work as a website designer who make use of templates for their work and this hinder them from doing more in a very little time. Each project in architecture is unique and needed to be treated differently no matter the common thing the project share together. This is because there are no two building sites that are the same. Nature offers uniqueness on lands we build on. Therefore, it is very hard for architect to copy a design from a project in its entirety for another project. Each project design is treated uniquely and requires different level of effort, amount of time and resources needed thus making it a necessity to value each project appropriately.
  The amount of time, effort and resources invested in any project can not be effectively quantified but the truth is each project require so much time such that there will be no way a client can overpay for it. For this reason, to effectively pay for services rendered by an architect as a client, endeavor to pay the appropriate fee specified by the scale of fees and do not owe an architect any part of his fee after your work has been fully delivered and as an architect, to ensure you are paid the right amount be fully aware of the time, effort and resources invested in a project in order to appropriately quantify such project.


3.   Architect deserve more pay because they work under pressure in order to meet up with clients' deadlines that are mostly unrealistic.
 While architects are in school, they often find themselves working so hard to meet up with the projected deadlines for class projects and the expectations of their jurors, this make them to work more under high pressure in order to finish up on time. This is also applicable to what happens during practicing and sometimes the pressure becomes higher as  most clients often set very unrealistic deadlines and expectations with little budget. Clients love to cut costs and still want the architect to deliver the best, thus giving architects sleepless nights.
 Most project designs are done under pressure and this call for reasons for getting more pay. Meeting up with clients' deadlines and expectations is equivalent to lots of sleepless nights, resources, creative thinking and denial of time for pleasure e.t.c and all these should further implies more pay in order to balance up the relationship.
 Therefore, architects deserve more pay in order to equate those efforts, time and resources invested in projects to a well deserved reward and encouragements to do more in making our world beautiful.


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