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Housing specialists back dry construction method

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Monday, 26 October 2015 11:23
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CONSTRUCTION specialists have added their voice to the call for the adoption of a new modern building system known as Kalsi Dry Construction method, which tends to translate the building process into an industrial process in the nation’s housing sector.

The system is a more versatile and faster construction method, allowing up to 70 percent construction time saving possible when compared with the traditional wet construction that involves using of bricks and blocks.

Unlike the traditional brick and block method, the system, requires minimum use of water and it generates minimum construction waste, preserves room temperature and provides energy efficiency.

The experts spoke at the launch of prototype house known as Kalsi Experience Centre by Nigerite Limited in the Lagos premises of the company. The centre consists of a duplex, which embodies the dynamism and precision of the Kalsi boards and offers a glimpse into the remarkable and endless possibilities of the dry construction system.

Commenting on the centre, Chairman Nigerian Institute of Architect, Ladipo Lewis, stated that the Kalsi building board was a welcome development and offers a fresh new possibility for the building and construction industry in Nigeria. He noted that it is high time Nigerians embraced change because of the numerous advantages therein.

Though, the concept of dry construction has been a well-known phenomenon around the world for many years, but it is still largely uncommon in Nigeria, that is why Nigerite Limited, knowing the inherent benefit of this method has taken the initiative to bring the building board solution to Nigeria”, said Nigerite managing Director, adding that Kalsi boards are not intended to displace the wet methods, but that it was meant to complement and create an alternative for builders.

The company however stressed that the advantages of the boards over the traditional methods are endless, capable of saving up to 70 percent of construction time. “It is also cost effective, more durable, stronger, lighter, more adaptable and allows for greater flexibility in construction design”.

Other benefits of the dry process are that it reduces wastages, allows for easy installation of pipes and other services, it is more environment friendly and energy efficient. “When it comes to cost benefit, the real value of the dry construction relies on key factors like speed of installation, the lowest level of maintenance, easy repair, minimal waste of material and optimization in material compared to brick and mortar.”

Chairman, Nigeria Institute of Builders (NIOB), Mr. Gbenga Asimiyu Bashir, noted that in most other parts of the world, dry construction has been an “in-thing”, noted that builders also accepted the building board solution and that it is time Nigeria accorded recognition of the product.
“This technology is acceptable to me and it will fly. I know that with time people will accept it”, Bashir concluded.

The National Vice Chairman, Nigeria Association of Civil Engineers (NACE), Dapo Onaeko, urged Nigerians to embrace the new technology, saying that Kalsi building board solutions that consist of cladding, siding/weather board, partition, ceiling, wet areas, floors, special applications and roof underlay, is a well tested product.

Apart from the foundation of the building, done with the wet process, the other parts of the construction embodied the beauty of the Kalsi building boards. And that included the floors, claddings, partitions, along with the internal and external walls and ceilings”, he said.

Earlier, Managing Director, Nigerite Nigeria Limited, Mr. Le Bris said that the innovative Kalsi board solutions from Nigerite are a step in the right direction, adding, “It is the future of Nigerite and the building industry in Nigeria.”

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