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Meet the Brain Behind Chaos Group Nigeria

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Friday, 15 November 2013 22:34


What is Chaos Group?

Chaos Group provides innovative rendering solutions for the media, entertainment, and design industries. For over a decade the flagship rendering software, V-Ray®, has set the standard for speed, quality, reliability and ease of use, and it has become the rendering engine of choice for renowned international studios.

The company proudly supports the 3D community through a suite of software solutions: V-Ray® for Autodesk® 3ds Max®, V-Ray® for Autodesk® Maya®, V-Ray® for Autodesk® Softimage®, V-Ray® for Rhino®, V-Ray® for SketchUp®, Phoenix FD™ for Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Phoenix FD™ for Autodesk® Maya®, and Pdplayer™.

This piece of genius software enables most architects and 3d artists have a more photorealistic feel to their 3d projects. Chaos Group is headquartered in Bulgaria but now officially is in Nigeria offering several watery deals on Original VRay Licences and other benefits. We caught up with the Representative of Nigeria to give us a background on himself and here is what he has to say





My name is Dolapo Ojelabi, as you already know. I studied Architecture at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. I have always loved creating beautiful pictures and drawings, and it was naturally love at first sight the moment I saw my first 3D rendering, I knew without a doubt that this was a medium I wanted to master

I got into 3ds max in 2003 while still in school, or should I say I tried to. Like everyone I knew back then, I had toyed with Poser, Bryce and a host of other 3d programs, but couldn't really master those. After asking around, 3ds Max was fingered as the software to learn and master. Unfortunately, everyone I asked about learning the software kept telling me how stressful it was, and how I needed to learn modeling first, and how they wouldn't  know where to start teaching me from, etc. Paying for classes wasn't something I could afford back then, so I simply started learning modeling using Autocad & accurender, which was pretty straight forward to learn. I kept this up for about 3 years.

During my NYSC, I decided to learn by myself, and printed out the huge 3ds max help file chapter by chapter, dedicating myself to learning the software everyday

To make this possible, once I got home around 10pm from work, I put in 2-3 hours work on learning the software till about 12am ( which was when my hosts turned off the generator for the night). I always had to be out of the house by 5.30am to go to work, so it was a pretty hectic schedule. But I was determined to learn, since it was pretty obvious that those who had the knowledge were not going to share it without some sort of value exchange.

In retrospect, I should simply have borrowed the money and learnt from a very good person. The route I took was stressfull, and took longer than necessary. I ran into hitches, especially since I was using the inbuilt mental-ray back then, which had next to no online user community I could tap into.

However, I was fortunate enough to have certain friends and colleagues who were more advanced in the use of 3ds max, and who were generous with their  advice and help. Owolabi Akano and Ighodaro easily top that list. They both helped me out a lot in those early days, taking my weird calls and patiently walking me through in minutes, issues I had battled with for days..

Anyway, as I advanced in 3d , I realised there was more to creating these images than clicking on the render button.  I therefore began to study color theory, photography, cinematography, all in a bid to really master what I was doing.

After 3+ years of this, I was fortunate to be picked as one of the foundation students of the Bristish Council/ Lagos Business School EDS Creative Lives program, and with the momentum gained from the intensive training and exposure, I was able to start Verticaimages Ltd ( in November 2008, as a visualisation company, specialising at that time strictly in architectural 3d Visualisations and animations.

Those were heady and extremely exciting days that I will always remember with fondness and horror; fondness at the late nights, and the crash parties trying to make deadlines with team members; horror at the naïve outlook I had back then that is unfortunately the hallmark of every creative person

In 2010, my company became the official partner for Chaosgroup software, of V-Ray rendering engine fame, and the rest, as they say, is history.


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