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The Fulcrum “I think it really is tragic, spending the better part of your foundational years within one institution of learning or another and still being unable to make anything of all the knowledge you have acquired. Sadly, most of us realize rather too late, the colossal waste constituted by our misplaced priorities to our time, effort and money. There has got to be more to education than just cramming facts and memorizing definitions, more to succeeding than just coming out in the top ten. I daresay this truth mostly comes only when the young ‘soon-to-be-graduate’, in a reflective mood,…
Why Study History? Architecture students are usually disenchanted at the thought of having to take courses like Physics, Mathematics, Structures, Surveying, etc. For people like me who were just thankful to finally be free from Chemistry, I couldn’t care less about any of the other “unnecessary baggage” I’d have to add to an already unbelievable workload. Some people didn’t take this as well. So pained were they on discovering that they’d have to take a class in Architectural History nearly every semester from our second year that they would exclaim, “Why in the name of all things sane should I…
By Architects, With Architects and For Architecture A collection of thought-inspiring quotes by architects and about architecture. When we build let us think that we build forever. John Ruskin (1819 - 1900) British art critic, writer, and reformer. The Seven Lamps of Architecture, "The Lamp of Memory" Monuments last much longer than words. Civilizations are remembered by buildings. There's nothing more important than architecture. Philip Johnson (1906 - 2005) U.S. architect. We want and deserve tin-can architecture in a tin-horn culture. And we will probably be judged not by the monuments we build but by those we have destroyed. Anonymous…
Understanding the Times How Architecture Got to Where it is Today… The modern movement in architecture, which emerged in the early 20th century, responded to sweeping changes in technology and society. A new world of machines and cities forced artists to think anew about their environment, and soon revolutionized the way they perceived, portrayed, and participated in the world. The Modern Movement of architecture represents a significant shift in the design of buildings, away from the traditional forms and construction techniques of the past and toward a new era of design. The styles of the Modern Movement, Art Deco, Moderne…
Values in the Construction Industry I have heard countless times how “rude and ill-mannered” unskilled labour (labourers or artisans, as they are often called) can be in their dealings with professionals in the built environment. They cheat, scheme, offer which eventually bounces back on the architect. “No one knows the names of those who did the actual building”, they say, “but no one ever forgets the architect”. For this reason, many architects are often very strict and unfriendly whilst relating with these individuals. This is however not a suitable way out of the sticky situations caused by the lack of…
The Non-Academic Student “Are you a transfer student?” “No, Sir. I’ve been here since my first year” “Really? I have never seen you before. What did you say your name was again?” Having witnessed countless exchanges similar to the above, I am caused to muse over what exactly makes the ‘non-academic student’ tick. It usually begins with a lecturer pointing at someone sitting in the back of the class or stopping the notorious latecomer in his tracks as he attempts to slip into the class unnoticed. Although it is almost impossible to mark out the origin of the term ‘non-academic…
Coconut Architecture Embracing the Nigerian Eclectic Oddities The built environment in this part of the world is indeed one like no other; though it does not quite measure up to the advanced technological and exceptional (and somewhat bizarre) artistic innovations in other countries. The Nigerian construction industry has however managed to adapt Western architecture to its climate and economy. For example, most states in the country experience extreme temperature levels and a power supply system which is below par, making closed buildings (those which rely entirely on artificial lighting and cooling systems) using excessive glass unsuitable. Architects have found a…
Master of One Jack of all trades, master of none. -Anonymous Jack of one trade, not a master at all. -Me The most intimidating fact I have come to realize is the measure of how much I do not know as against what I have already learned. Just the thought of being asked a question I should know the answer to but don’t, leaves me cringing. I feel this way each time I step into a senior friend’s study, or a bookstore. I feel this way when I sit in the library at school and even at Church. I feel…
The Folly of the Creative Genius Common mistakes architects and architecture students make Architects are incredibly smart people, there’s definitely no disputing that fact. Over time, they develop a specific skillset which enables them to work under pressure and stress and still produce results with a reasonable degree of accuracy and excellence. In school, you have to juggle design studio (months’ worth of back- breaking work which ultimately culminates in a five to ten minute presentation) with regular coursework – both general classes and architecture based courses like Architectural History, Climatology, and Building Materials etc. In practice, whether in design,…
Killing the Art “Architecture is a thing of art, a phenomenon of the emotions, lying outside questions of construction and beyond them” - Le Corbusier 1887-1965 (Swiss-born French Architect) Computer-Aided Design (CAD) - is it truly the enemy of creativity and innovation or is it the creative genius’ best friend? Talk to a few professionals who have been in the business for a while and you might come to believe Computer- Aided Design has more or less stuck a knife to the very heart and soul of our beloved Architecture- ART. Today, just about anyone can certify their self an…

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