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Written by  Saturday, 22 March 2014 00:00
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As we all know, an average Nigerian student barely has a 3m x 3m (10 feet by 10 feet) space he can truly call his own. In this space he has to study, sleep, eat, entertain weekend visitors, store clothes and books and probably cook in it. We need good functional furniture to make our spaces truly liveable, and workable. Yet, we need to be able to afford to buy them and to afford to put them all into that small space also considering the ease of changing hostels and moving away.Well, isn’t that the beauty of architecture? – it’s really more interesting and challenging when we have to work with restrictions of cost, space available etc.

So now, what solutions has Architecture offered to solve this problem? It’s something I like to call ‘save me some space’.


Below are collapsible or folding furniture items/ideas that students in particular can use.

#1- Fold down convertible desk

Image source - amazon

This unit contains a desk for writing, studying or use of laptops. It also doubles up as a cute shelf. The more artistic types would realise that when closed, the front panel could be painted to triple as a good wall art!


#2- Wall Drop Table

This is a table that ‘disappears’ when not in use. Like the above, it is also a wall hung item except for the fact that this one is quicker to operate while it offers little storage.

Image source- Amazon



#3- The Chair Library
This is as simple as it sounds, having your library in your chair. Now, your books can get really closer to you! Or maybe, vice versa.

Image source-

Image source-



#4- The Designer’s Niche
For those who love to sew, you can begin to carve out your own niche right in your room by converting your wardrobe into your own little fashion studio that can be shut or opened at will.

When you are done sewing for the day, the ribbons and fabrics and thread and others are neatly tucked out of sight and you can concentrate on other things.


#5 Drop down or foldable beds
Beds are mostly used by students by less than one-third of the day. Yet they are usually the most voluminous, taking a lot of floor space. Why don’t we then put this bed on the wall when it’s not needed since we have more wall area than floor area?





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